Jamal Nickens is the Jack of al Games, and challenges you to beat him. He is the all-around video game champion, winning Life to the Power of X and Iron Man of Gaming and competing in WCG Ultimate Gamer.



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UPDATE: Jamal Nickens MAY NOT BE one of 4 Jacks of all games, it could be YOU.

Jamal Nickens told me if he couldn’€™t win a local tournament of people who think they’™re good enough to put up a $500 private wager in a pot to be won, he doesn’™t deserve to be the Jack of All Games. Click here for more information on the tournament.

About Jamal Nickens.

Originally Jamal Nickens was chosen to be the Jack of All Games, a “œhouse contestant” kind of like Ben Stein was on his quiz show, or the American Gladiators were in their show, except it’€™s about playing Video Games. He would pick no games, but pick off 4 opponents’ proposed games and come out on top more than half the time, despite that disadvantage. but he will be one of many paid entrants playing for a cash prize and one of 4 slots as the Jack of All games.

Jamal Nickens, if you don’™t know, is the winner of a video game reality game show, Life to the Power of X, which can be seen in its entirety here . Then later he parlayed that into an appearance on WCG Ultimate Gamer, where I suspect, when he teabagged (the newer definition involving taunting in an online video game, not the Wikipedia definition) Dante, the producers were looking for any excuse to kick him off. In year 2 they played a game never released yet as the 3-players-remaining game, but the first year, they ejected 2 players in the third extreme game challenge which has 4 people. I’ll bet that if Jamal was in second or first, there would have been an unreleased game to test the three of them in. They were looking for a way to not make him not the champion. They couldn’t legally eject him for teabagging, so they looked for a different way to get him off. I can't prove this legend true, but it does fit the facts of the case.

Then he made a local group of games called Countdown 321. Though active socially we, (Yes he’s been my friend for a long time, search ”Nordonia Open Miniature Golf” in YouTube and you’™ll see a young me and Jamal together. I'™ve known him before he was famous. I remember him winning Blockbuster’™s local Sega Genesis tournament, and he had the best score in over a 50 mile radius. back when we were in high school together, and the only reason he wasn't called to go on and compete in further rounds was his association with the Nordonia Open, where one of the sponsors was Summit Video, a local community movie and game rental store. That went out of business. Ironically the Blockbuster is ALSO out of business, so I have to step in with a video game competition.) again, we don’™t have an official website, since he stopped maintaining Coundown321.net and THECountdown321.com (both now owned by someone else), so this is the is the closest thing to an official Countdown321 website.

So I always follow his Twitch stream. It's on this web page. He usually twitchcasts once a week on Tuesdays 22:00 New York Time. (Wednesdays 3:00 Greenwich Mean Time when Americans observe Standard Time, Wednesday 2:00 GMT when Americans observe Daylight Savings Time.) Sometimes he's earlier, sometimes he's later. If you want to get pinged every time he does a twitchcast, follow Twitter id: @Zophar321. His twitch quest is beating as many games as possible. Here is a list of games he already beat and currently owns.

Doing an Ego search on Jamal Nickens, tripletopper.com and jackofallgamestv.com show high up google's lists for Jamal Nickens sites. And he abandoned his 2 websites Countdown321.net and thecountdown321.com I make sure to renew my websites every year, so basically, I'm the semi-official Countdown321 website. So if anyone wants to get involved in this gaming clan, either as a friend or a frienemy, (like Chris Gold, a frienemy Jamal met in competing for Iron Man Of Gaming for quite a few years, where Jamal was in the top 10 every year in an average field of 50 dedicated gamers that travel, 6 of the 7 years in the top 5, 4 years in the top 3, and one year #1) click the links above.

PLEASE Follow his twitchcasts. This way he'll be a twitch partner, and I can actually see him with my limited bandwidth I have in the country. And if you see a guy on the chat called "TripleTopper", that's me. Jamal says I complain about not being able to get his twitches. And a couple of guys told me to do something about it. So, if you found this website because you reminisced about Jamal's performance in Life to the Power of X or WCG Ulitmate gamer, follow Jamal's Twitchcasts. And if you enjoyed him in Life to the Power of X or WCG Ultimate Gamer, you'll enjoy him here. And you can text-talk to him as he's playing, and he'll respond though he'll only look in certain parts of the game where he can afford to look away from the main screen. And Jamal, if you're reading, please answer my texts. I hate to conduct talks unrealted to what you're talking about on the twitchcast ON the twitchcast, but that seems to be the only way I can get a hold of you.

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And you would complain about your bandwidth if the best you can go is 1.5 Mb/s on DSL, the cable company that owns your territory doesn't want to go down your street (hopefully that changed now that Time Warner is now Spectrum), and no one in Medina County is telling me how I can tap into the county fiber optic network. So I though if I have a bunch of lemons, make lemonade with 56ok.org , a website dedicated to me informing other people in my situation, what games are good to play online and which ones are not.

WAGER $250, WIN UP TO $1000.

I don't know how this will play, but Jamal says no one wants to compete in a tournament where you don't know all the games. I say people are more likely if they can choose the games. So here's a balanced we worked out. Starting NOW until July 31st 2017, if you are interested in competing in a moderately high stakes game of video games, email me, bciesicki@jackofallgamestv.com Entries cost $250, Jamal, being at a disadvantage will not propose any games but only pay $125 toward the pool. $500 will be paid out to the main game winner. Jamal will challenge anyone who beat him starting with the highest player until he gets to the lowest player

Because the tournament requires an entry fee, all games used in the competition must be legally defined in the state of Ohio as a skill game, which most video games fall under that category. Be reminded that any thing with an obvious random feature, like cards and dice are illegal under this category. One could argue Wheel of Fortune is legal because you determine the strength of the spin. Likewise, Bomberman is legally enough a skill game where randomness of items is presented to act on skills and dynamic strategy, as opposed to pre-learned patterns.

Time of entry is important. Earlier paid entries get an advantage in tiebreaking. As soon as you email to my PAYPAL address "tripletopper@earthlink.net" where YOU PAY THE PAYPAL FEES, (to avoid paying paypal fees, send to the address below.) Order determined by time and date of receipt. Checks and lists arriving the same day using any delivery method are broken by earliness of date and time stamped on postage meter from government or private courier. and provide a complete email to bciesicki@jackofallgamestv.com which includes your contact information, and your 2 to 10 games and your proposed challenge in them. As soon as both are sent to me, they will be posted on the 2017 game list for later entrants to read and see if they want to compete. Once paid and posted, you do not get a refund for not competing in the tournament. Try to keep the challenge accomplishable by 3 to 5 people in 30 minutes.Later entries can see what games are proposed and practice them. But once 3 months go by, all the POSSIBLE game will be listed on another page on the website. No surprise games will be listed. Because earlier entries has less of an idea what games will be proposed by other players, they'll have the advantage of the tiebreaker in selecting games, the earlier the entry, the more like they'll have the tiebreaker vote. But once July 31st passed, no more entries will be accepted and the list is fixed. Each contestant is responsible for providing consoles, controllers, and copies of the games they propose. The minimum amount is 2 games, the maximum amount is 10 games. Proposing more games makes it more likely that a game you propose will be played and less likely a game on someone else's list is played. The lists of games, once submitted are fixed. If a player proposes a game, it's chosen, and it's NOT in their physical possession at the time it's played, they automatically get the lowest score for the round, and an alternate game is chosen. The game must be a legally owned copy, It may be a disc, or it may be a download. It may be on the original system, or it may be a retro game on a newer system, but when selecting the game, you must designate the version. If the game requires multiple systems multiple controllers, and/or multiple games or both, one for each simultaneous person is needed. You may have less than the maximum of 5, but the rules you choose for the game must be stated in advance and you need enough copies for that version.

In the opening round, for each match, you'll be placed in a random group of three to five people, depending on the number of entrants. every match will have a new draw. You will play one match for every partial power of 2 presented (10-16 contestants = 4 games because 2^4=16, 17-32 contestants = 5 games because 2^5=32 etc. ) For all the matches in this first round, a contestant will get one vote multiplied by the number of games that contestant proposes and then multiplied by the number of matches in the first round (4 if 10-16 contestants, 5 if 17-32 contestants) for each game you want to upvote or downvote. you can use them strategically whenever you want in the first round. After the 4+ matches, the top 25% or top 4, whichever is bigger, move on to the next round. Then a round of 1 game in a group of 3-5 is played for double score (2x). Each round increases the points stakes by one multiple. (next round 3x, next round 4x, etc.) eliminating half the people each round until the final round of 3-5 people. Each round after the first you get 1 vote multiplied by the number of games you propose in your list.

First place in your group at a 1x game is +2 points, and last place is -2 points. IF there are 3 people in a group, second gets +-0 points. If there are 4 people in the group, 2nd place gets +1 point and 2nd-to-last pace gets -1 point. A 5 players is exactly like 4 player group where the middle contestant gets +-0 points. these points are multiplied by round number.

There are also additional prizes. Since Jamal feels he wants to earn his shot on the Jack of All Games, and not get it just because he's the most famous gamer around here, TV appearances as a future Jack of All Games will be included too. Each appearance earns a player $20-$660, depending on their performance. They will play against contestants who will play for free, and their only prize is the prize for the appearance as a contestant on Jack Of All Games.

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Don’™t want to pay, enter this way:

If you don’™t want to wager $500 on a chance to be a Jack and a big cash prize, but still like to play video games and win some money doing that, here is a free fun way to do it: (You must choose whether you want to enter the free tournamnet or the paid torunament. If you enter one, you can't enter the other.)

When Game Surge is ready to announce it, they’ll hold a tournament to fill 40 spots to play against the Jacks of All Games. This tournament lets you pick your own games, but the consequence is that you have to bring all your games and systems you possibly want to use in tow. The tournament for the Aces of a Few Games will be held at Game Surge. Bring your games at any time during tournament hours with games in tow. Compete in games. You are guaranteed to either pick the opponent’™s game you feel comfortable with, or have your opponent pick one of your games. Win, take his points and go on. Lose once and go home (except if you have more points than your opponent, then it’™s like going all-in in Poker and losing, if your opponent can’™t cover, you’™re not eliminated, but crippled.) Top 10 scores at the end of the contest period are guaranteed spots, and 30 contestants will be chosen between contestants finishing in slots number 11-100 based on televisibility tests, game selection to balance out the competition, and eventual rank. If you happen to live in, or travel to, the Cleveland/Akron Ohio Area, and would like a competition to see how well rounded of a gamer you are, click here to read more info.

Finally if you’™d like to see the rules of the televised game show, click here. We won’t film it until we find our 4 jacks of all games and our 40 contestants. Each Jack on each appearance, and all contestants will win prizes ranging from $20-$680, with $1000 being split between the 4 contestants and the Jack of the Day as a constant amount given per show.

Email me these and your other opinions at bciesicki@jackofallgamestv.com